Zinc Plated T-Nuts (50 Count)

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Product Overview

• T-nuts are used as attachment points for handholds on climbing walls and volumes

• Stainless Steel T-Nuts should be used instead of Zinc Plated T-Nuts in environments where moisture is a factor (e.g. outdoor walls, basements, garages, etc.)

• Packaged in bags of 50


1. Drill holes through plywood using a 7/16” bit
2. Insert the four pronged T-nut into the hole from the back side of the plywood panel prong side down
3. Pound the T-nut firmly into place with a hammer

Please call 800.699.1975 if you would like to order a custom quantity.

Note: If you are applying T-nuts to ACQ treated lumber, you will need to use stainless steel bolts and T-nuts.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review