Shredded Rubber

Shredded rubber is an economical and effective choice for a landing surface and is available in black or our new tri-color. This rubber is typically contained by building a curb around the edge of where the rubber should go.


Nicros offers two types of loose rubber chunks for use as landing surfaces: standard recycled black rubber and colored rubber. Both are economical, effective choices for landing surfaces


Our recycled rubber products are low in odor, free of tire rubber content, free of steel wires and fiber, and they have very little particle content making them ideal for most applications.


The feeling of landing into rubber is a soft, absorptive feel. The rubber tends to dissipate around where the foot hits the top of the surface so it’s similar to landing in a sandbox.


Rubber is a low-cost surface, easy to install and easily replaceable. Simply raking and maintaining the areas at the base of the climbing wall will keep plenty of rubber in the fall zones.