NicroLite™ Panels


Sleek and customizable by design, pre-made 4’ x 4’ NicroLite™ Panels offer a consistent and easy-to-install option that is clean and versatile enough for novices and experts alike.

NicroLite™ Panels are made with the highest quality materials, texture, manufacturing process and durability standard. The use of Baltic Birch plywood provides the best substrate to which the polymer-texture can be applied for panels that are both strong and visually appealing. The NicroLite™ polymer-texture is not only durable and wear-resistant, but also easy to clean and impervious to scuffs and marking. These versatile pre-made panels can be purchased and installed with or without additional framing. Additionally, customers have the ability to customize the color, size, shape, T-nut density, and plywood used in their NicroLite™ Panels, which means the aesthetic possibilities are endless.



NicroLite™ Panels are 4’ x 4’ Baltic Birch plywood sheets covered in our unique polymer texture. Other plywood options that have a Class B or higher surface flammability rating during ASTM E84 testing are also available upon request. NicroLite™ Panels come in our standard colors or can be custom colored upon request to compliment your unique color scheme or branding.


With its base of Baltic Birch plywood, NicroLite™ panels have fantastic screw retention when adding holds and features to the wall without damaging its overall structure because cracks won’t propagate from screw holes. This strong base is covered and strengthened by the polymer texture as it bonds to the wood, the result is a climbing wall structure and surface that will truly stand the test of time. Not only will the structure of the panels hold up to use and abuse, but the texture won’t chip off or get polished and slick.


The true beauty of these panels is that they can be installed anywhere and can be used to create any style of climbing wall, from flat vertical planes to roof features and other interesting angles. The panels themselves are easily adaptable to fit any space or layout and perfectly suited for anything from home walls to educational spaces or recreational facilities to climbing gyms.


Sleek and contemporary in appearance, these panels display both a novel beauty and unassuming utility. NicroLite™ panels can easily be added to an existing wall (or framework) to create a wall of any width or height. Volumes, which can be difficult to mount on cement-based walls with more variable surfacing, are easily installed on NicroLite™ panels.  Each panel comes installed with 32 screw-in T-nuts or can be customized for a higher T-nut density, which will leave you with endless possibilities for route setting.


The distinctive formula for NicroLite’s™ polymer coating highlights both its texture and friction-enhanced surfacing while supporting the wall’s unique anti-marking properties.  Rubber marks from shoes are easily removed with a stiff nylon brush without compromising the wall’s texture.


Because of their uniform surfacing, there is no limit to the shape, size or type of climbing hold that can be installed on your NicroLite™ panels. A high T-nut density throughout the wall face allows for diverse hold placement during route setting. Check out the Nicros Handhold Store for our complete line of handhold products.


NicroLite™ panels can be applied directly to an existing wall, otherwise once structure support framing (i.e. 2”x4” wood studs) is put in place, these sheets are easily attached, creating a fun-to-climb textured wall. These panels can easily be cut to create openings for light switches, etc. before the panel is screwed in place. If you are unsure or you lack the expertise, Nicros professionals can help! If you would like Nicros to install your NicroLite™ panels, please contact one of our sales representatives at 651-778-1975 for a quote.