Custom Landing Mats

The most popular landing surface for school bouldering or traversing walls are Nicros landing mats. We offer a number of options to fit any school’s needs. When the wall is not in use, the landing mats simply fold up lock to the wall. The back side of the landing mat state that the climbing wall is closed and no climbing is allowed without supervision. 

Contact us for more information on sizing and thickness options below.


Nicros offers custom designed landing mats that can fit virtually any climbing wall aesthetic. Choose from custom colors, logos, slogans, and safety language to be incorporated in the landing mat design to further enhance your unique concept .


Custom mats can be designed for easy installation, removal and storage.


These landing mats are firm yet absorptive. You will notice a light bouncy feel as the force of your body weight is absorbed by the combination of open and closed cell foam layers.


The shell of the custom mats is made of 1000 Denier Nylon and heavy duty zippers. All landing mats include grommets to allow for the easy release of air from the pads during impact.