NicroLite™ Walls & Panels


Made with the highest quality materials, texture and durability standards, NicroLite™ walls compliment any facility or space. The flat planes and geometric breaks, paired with unbeatable texture give a unique look, and won’t become slick overtime!


We also offer 4×4 panels, which are the ideal solution for any homewall, education center, or recreation facility. Textured with a non-abrasive and easy to clean material, sure to keep your wall and facility looking fresh for years to come.

A.R.T Wall™


A.R.T Wall™ is molded from real rock to perfectly reproduce shapes only found in nature.
The wall is then intended to match the look of any outdoor environment to give a rugged aesthetic.

WestCoast™ and 5.15™


The combination of WestCoast™ and 5.15™ walls provide a functional climbing wall that incorporates flat sections
to meet and form angles creating inspiring design elements.



EasyWall™ Panels earned their name from the ease of installation, as it can be bolted into virtually any existing wall.
Panels are hand carved to showcase cracks and curves, just like real rock!



Each panel of the GranitPanel™ is textured with Gymtex™, a formula that is specifically designed to ensure the longevity of your climbing wall.