EasyWall™ Panel


Nicros-EasyWall™ is a uniquely designed rock climbing wall panel system earned this name because installation is as easy as bolting it to an existing wall. These panels are light-weight 4’x4’ rock climbing system that comes with handholds, mounting hardware, and an installation manual.



This system is low-cost, easy-to-install and takes up very little space. Many schools use this product to create bouldering and traversing walls, but it’s also used in recreation centers, rehabilitation centers, health clubs, and full scale climbing gyms. Nicros-EasyWall™ panels can easily be cut or drilled to customize installations. Standard woodworking tools can be used to trim a panel to fit, or to cut around any existing electrical outlets, switches, etc. Now, rock climbing can be offered at virtually any facility using this wall system.


The panel is usable in four different orientations. The features are designed to be different difficulty levels if oriented in a particular direction. If placing a series of panels for use on a full-height climbing wall, “naturals” routes of various difficulties can be created – before handholds are even added to the wall!


The texture is contoured enough that anyone can hang onto the micro-features or smear against the panel itself. However, it is not an abrasive, skin-shredding texture to the climber who slips off while climbing. The cracks are designed to feel realistic, but most are for aesthetics rather than usable as actual climbing features.


Each panel comes with five handholds to get you started. The holds come in a combination of kid-friendly colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, or orange. If you have a specific color combination you are looking for or want your holds to blend in with the background wall panel color, holds can be ordered in any custom color. 


Nicros-EasyWall™ panels have been designed to take rigorous use, whether inside a commercial climbing facility or outside at a local playground.


Installation involves mounting Nicros-EasyWall™ panels to an existing wall such as cinder/concrete block or other suitable substrate. Consider consulting a licensed structural engineer to ensure correct and safe attachment of the panels to your building. Generally we estimate installation at a rate of two panels per person per hour. That means, in less than five hours, a ten panel bouldering wall could be installed by one person! While installation is easy, it’s very important that it’s done correctly.


If you would like Nicros to install your Nicros-EasyWall™, please contact one of our sales representatives at 651-778-1975 for a quote.


Call for pricing: 651-778-1975

EasyWall™ is a light-weight 4’x4’ rock climbing panel system that comes with mounting hardware. To purchase a panel, please submit the form below. Panels can be self-installed or installed by Nicros professionals. Please select your method of installation in the form below. Holds can be purchased here.