Route Setter Training

Nicros offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive Route Setter Training programs. Our partnership with Vertical Endeavors (one of the nation’s largest commercial climbing facility networks), provides one of the most qualified groups of trainers in the industry. Their years of real-world experience will be an asset in teaching your staff how to create a safe and fun environment for your customers. The Route Setter Training program teaches the processes, skills, and strategies for quality route design and effective technical route setting.


ONE-DAY    |  $2,200

TWO-DAY   |  $2,900
THREE-DAY |  Not Available

Service fees listed above are priced for a single Nicros Representative and do not include flights/travel and accommodation (calculated separately).

*Prices are estimations only. Please fill out a request form to the right for a full quote.*

A single instructor can train up to 8 people.