Operational Training

Previously offered as the Nicros R.O.P.E.S. program, the Climbing Wall Operations + Training Program is customizable for owners and operators of climbing walls and facilities. This One-Day or Two-Day training can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any facility. Whether it is a relatively inexperienced team or one that has a long history of climbing experience, the benefits of this training program will have tremendous value to your team. Safety, industry practices, and effective risk management provide a foundation for these courses. 

Topics include:

> Risk management and climbing wall maintenance
> Climbing Wall Association’s (CWA) industry practices
> Teaching a lesson in belaying, technique, leading, or rappelling
> Program planning
> Equipment demonstrations, use, and storage
> Equipment and facility inspections
> Customer qualifications, supervision, Emergency Response
> Safety Philosophy
> Route Setting

Continuing education increases safety and awareness, reduces incidents, adds structure and value to your existing programs by increasing the knowledge base of your team.

One-Day  |  $2,200
Two-Day  |  $2,900
Three-Day  |  Not available

Service fees listed above are priced for a single Nicros Representative and do not include flights/travel and accommodation (calculated separately).

*Prices are estimations only. Please fill out a request form below for a full quote.*

A single instructor can train up to 8 people.