Operational Audit & Consultation

Our auditors have valuable insights that extend far beyond just the planning and construction of climbing facilities. Operational audits can be tailored to include a close examination of how various aspects of operations including:

> Operations Manual, Employee Handbooks, and other program and policy documents
> Staff Hiring, Onboarding, + Training
> Maintenance Schedules + Documentation
> Program Operations
> Customer Service and Accessibility
> Customer Qualifications and Orientations
> Outreach, Marketing, and External Communications
> Workflow and Internal Communications
> Pricing, Product Structures, and Membership Retention
> Optimizing Software Utilization
> Legal Liability and Risk Mitigation
> Incident Response and Documentation

Following the audit of the desired operational areas, we present our findings and give actionable recommendations for areas of improvement.


Service feeds listed below are priced for a single Nicros Representative and do not include flights/travel and accommodation (calculated separately).

One-Day | Not available
Two-Day | $2,900
Three-Day | $3,600

*Prices are estimations only. Please fill out a request form below for a full quote. Minimum of two days needed for this service.*